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Why Remote Security Officers Are The Most Reliable Guarding Service

Reliable guarding is not an easy security service to attain, no matter how prevalent and well utilized the security industry is. Several factors work together to make manned security as well as regular CCTV cameras an unreliable security measure as individual securits solutions.

When someone mentions the word “security guard,” people immediately feel safety and security and feel like they can go about their day while an experienced and capable individual watches their back. This is far from the truth.

Although we may assume a security guard is someone who can be a protector and defend people from attacks, they cannot always be relied upon in this manner at all. Let's take a closer look at why placing trust in onsite security is a false belief and how remote security offers any client the most reliable guarding solution.

Why manned security is unreliable

There are a number of reasons why manned security is an unreliable option for comprehensive security coverage. Security guards are typically unmotivated and lack the proper skill-set to offer clients and employers the best security option.

Unmotivated by salary

Onsite guards are amongst the lowest paid employees in any company. Whether hired by a security firm or directly staffed by another company, they will likely be the lowest paid employee, with no experience and very little constructive training.

This factor makes for extremely unreliable employees because they are unmotivated (amongst others) by their salaries. Most manned guards are not ex-military with special elite training; they are individuals who could not find another job.

Unreliable workers

Because manned security guards are not motivated by their salaries, they are not typically prideful in their workplace. They often fail to appear at work, and managers will likely have to deal with other issues besides protection, including sleeping on the job and using their cell phones during shift time.

These issues are prevalent and require an additional hassle of management and hiring someone to deal with these issues with security guards. Not every onsite guard will present issues when it comes to doing their jobs but it is always a possibility.

There are enough individuals in the industry who cannot do the job effectively, making them not a reliable guarding option.

Theft and burglary

Not only are there personal issues to deal with when it comes to manned security, but a large percentage of theft in the workplace is perpetuated by onsite security.

According to surveys and statistics onsite guards take part in a large percentage of in-house thefts and burglaries. Employers and employees can have no peace of mind while there is a potentially unreliable individual on the property.

The movies where a villain poses as a security guard are not far from the truth. It is easy to become a security guard, and learn the ins and outs of the property's security, what valuables are stored there, and the patterns of the people coming and going.

This information can be easily used to commit a crime without being caught.

Insurance and Liability

One of the biggest deterring factors for manned security is the liability associated with employing a security guard. People believe that they are safe on the property while a security guard is protecting the area. This is a false impression of safety.

While security guards may be a deterrent to some criminals, there is very little they can legally do when a crime occurs. It all has to do with liability. Suppose a security guard causes an injury to a perpetrator while they are on the property. In that case, the company can be held liable.

Suppose the security guard is injured in the line of duty. In that case, they can seek compensation for the damages they experienced while on the job. This makes them incredibly unreliable sources of protection. Plus, the insurance cost will skyrocket for any employer, causing their security services to have astronomically high bills at the end of each month.

Why Remote Guarding Offers The Most Reliable Guarding

Manned security offers no real security, although someone might feel slightly safer with a security guard on the property. But there is another solution that can give complete peace of mind: remote guarding services.

If someone wants a reliable guarding service, then Swissguard’s remote security solution can offer real protection, even from a distance. While some may second guess security provided from another country, let's take a closer look at why Swissguard’s remote security is the most reliable guarding solution on the market.

1. Trained and experienced staff are on hand to focus on crime prevention and protection. Thanks to the company's international clients, the staff is well paid for their services. Based in Hungary, Swissguard's remote security agents can be paid high wages while still offering competitive pricing to international clients. This is because Hungary has a significantly lower cost of living than most other countries.

2. The staff are highly trained and work on a real-time basis to monitor premises live and real-time, no matter where they are in the world. With the use of smart cameras and military-grade artificial intelligence, no part of the premises goes unmonitored, no matter the time of day. Other manned security agents can slack on the job or take a break to use the toilet, leaving their station vulnerable. But that is not the case with Swissguard’s remote security agents.

3. Remote watchers work in a 45-minute rotation that allows them to focus 100% of their work while monitoring the screens. They stay fresh and alert while a manager with extensive experience in the security industry oversees the remote watch officers while they are on duty.

4. A remote security solution is continually proving to be a more reliable guarding solution than in-person security. Potential crimes are immediately identified, and the authorities are contacted on a quick response basis. Plus, remote guards cannot contribute to in-house crime since they are distanced from the site. This also removes the potential for insurance claims and liability issues.

Remote security services, like the one from Swissguard, offer a cutting-edge solution to in-person security. Reliable guarding can be difficult, especially in the spiraling security industry. Choose the solution that offers the best coverage with the most reliable service on the market.

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