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Virtual Security Guard Services

How Virtual Security Guards are Solving Security Guard Staffing Shortages

Virtual security guard services are solving the staffing shortages in the security guard industry. Thanks to the COVID pandemic, Brexit, and rising market inflation, major issues are emerging in the security industry that requires innovation in the security industry.

Businesses have taken a hit within the last few years, forcing many companies to close their doors. Thanks to these market changes, there are worldwide labor shortages, and businesses are having difficulty finding the security staff they need to keep their doors open.

Businesses must staff their properties at irregular times to account for severe labor shortages in the market. They are trying to counteract this phenomenon with different half-solutions: some businesses are opening later and closing earlier, while others are simply closing for more days during the week due to these shortages.

However, these “solutions” are only causing more problems. The prolonged and abnormal times leave properties vulnerable and open to theft, vandalism, and property destruction. Valuable assets and inventory are not protected, so there is an even greater need for increased security around the properties. But the prices in the security industry make fulfilling the need for protection in these businesses difficult.

Why Onsite Security is Expensive

Many businesses rely on in-person security guards. Often, security guards are relied upon to watch surveillance monitors in real-time and make regular rounds to ensure that there is no suspicious activity on the property.

Unfortunately, the major pricing spiral in the security industry makes staffing these security guards an issue. Not only is there a shortage of laborers, but companies are also unable to afford the rising costs of security services. The labor shortages mean that there is an increased demand for security services, but there is a small pool of qualified and quality individuals.

Some businesses are offering premium prices to attract security guard talent. The average hourly rate for security guard services is $15 - $25 per hour, and those rates can run as high as $100 per hour for more skilled security guards. The demand for security is high, but there are fewer and fewer companies that can afford the sky-high prices.

After COVID, many security guards are not interested in the jobs that are on site. Onsite security guards are increasingly expensive for businesses to hire, and there are no security guards at all to hire. There is a viable solution - virtual security guard services.

Virtual Security Services For a Variety of Sites

Security threats do not take a break. There is a need for around-the-clock security from the very best in the security industry to keep staff, property, and business operations safe and secure.

Although hiring security guards for onsite safety can be an uncertain prospect in uncertain economic times, virtual security guard services from Swissguard offer a unique option in the industry, giving remote protection to a wide variety of sites.

These include schools, commercial properties like storage facilities, construction zones, and office blocks. While security guards can offer a unique deterrence factor to criminals, they do not offer reliable or comprehensive security coverage on a property.

Swissguard hires the best individuals for virtual security guard services to offer clients the highest coverage possible on their properties. This offers maximum coverage and top-of-the-line security for all sites.

What are Virtual Security Guard Services?

Virtual security guard services use the power of the internet, smart security cameras, AI, and highly skilled expertise to provide coverage for any property at any time of the day. A remote team will monitor a property throughout the day, no matter the time. All for a fraction of the cost of in-person security.

No matter the staffing shortages in any given country, a virtual guard is available around the clock. They are also able to work in tandem with onsite security when they are needed. The cost-effective solution can be scaled up or down depending on every business’ evolving needs with in-person security.

Swissguard employs professional watch officers who all possess several years of experience in the field. These virtual guards keep a watchful eye on the property to identify whether there is suspicious activity or movement on the property. An advanced Artificial Intelligence system helps them identify whether the suspicious persons are armed or have a warrant out for them. No matter the time, day or night, these security guards are able to keep a watchful eye over the property with the help of technology.

A business's security should not be jeopardized due to staffing issues and rising costs. It is imperative to have an effective security solution that can be relied upon.

Benefits of Virtual Security

There are numerous benefits to using virtual security guard services. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of using a virtual security guard service that mitigates issues associated with in-person security.

Reduced Costs

The costs of virtual security guard services from Swissguard are significantly cheaper than other more traditional means of onsite security. With operations based in Hungary, Swissguard can pay their virtual security guards significantly higher than the cost of living in the country while remaining a cost-effective solution for clients worldwide.

Flexible Security Solutions

Virtual security guard services are the perfect complement to already established security solutions. Onsite security can be complemented by constant surveillance for around-the-clock security and continued peace of mind for business owners.

Reduced Liability

The reduction of onsite guards reduces the liability for business owners. Security guards can be a liability if they are injured, and the cause for liability if they cause injury to another person. These are risks that make onsite security guards a major liability. Virtual security guards mitigate this liability by working from an offsite location.

Insurance costs

With the reduction of onsite security, there are fewer insurance costs to pay out every month. Onsite security is a liability, and the insurance costs reflect these liabilities. In a downturned market, the lower and fewer the costs of security there is, the better for businesses.

Hiring issues

Virtual security guards resolve any hiring issues while using security services. Constant and round-the-clock security is available that doesn’t require specific individuals onsite to provide security.

Highly trained individuals

Virtual security guards are monitored by highly trained individuals who can provide a specialized and highly efficient service in the security industry. This mitigates the issues that are associated with in-person security.

Highly trained supervisors monitor the security staff to ensure constant surveillance on any property where Swissguard services are used.

Security staffing issues are easily resolved with the implementation of virtual security guard services. Swissguard offers the best remote security service, with the excellence of Swiss quality.

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