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Securing a Construction Site

Securing a construction site is a significant task. Theft and vandalism are major security concerns for the industry and must be addressed by every site manager. The National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register statistics show that construction and farm equipment losses total $300 million to $1 billion yearly. The National Fire Protection Association also reports that fires on construction sites can cause $304 million in property damage yearly. [s1]

Security is an essential investment that every construction site has to make. Remote security offers a one-up on in-person security guards. Let's take a closer look at what securing a construction site entails and how virtual security offers a unique solution.

What issues do construction sites encounter?

Every property has unique security concerns attached to it. A construction site is not different from others. Securing a construction site means addressing a specific set of issues. What are these particular issues, and how can virtual security offer the best solution? Let’s find out.

Preventing Theft

Theft is the number one concern for construction sites. There is an assortment of expensive tools and other specialized equipment, including construction trailers, technical machinery, and cutting-edge instruments as well as construction and building materials and accessories.

Storing these tools on another site for storage at the end of the working day can be highly impracticable. As a result, the machinery is kept onsite and left vulnerable to theft.

For example, copper thefts can be a major concern when securing a construction site. Despite it being a common material, it is easily stripped and sold for a high price by thieves. These materials make construction sites attractive to criminals. Expensive fixtures and other finishes will also be onsite when the construction is at its later stages, making it more vulnerable.

Remote security offers constant surveillance of the property, but it can also deter crime with the presence of security cameras. Thieves always search out an easy target, but securing a construction site with remote security is the easiest solution to deter criminals.

Vandalism and Intentional Damage

Construction sites are also vulnerable to vandalism, like broken windows, graffiti, and other forms of intentional destruction. They are easy targets. Alternatively, construction sites can often be controversial projects in communities and sometimes meet with resistance from the community. Properties in high-crime areas are especially easy targets.

Vandalism and thefts slow down construction projects and can also have a negative financial impact on the project. Securing a construction site with remote security is one of the best ways to preempt vandalism on a property.

Risk of Liability

Securing a construction site with remote security can decrease the liabilities that a construction company will experience. Damage to the construction site through vandalism, graffiti, intentional destruction, and theft are major liabilities that drain funds, resources, and time.

If there are any issues on the construction site, like theft, vandalism, or another issue, there will be a delay in the project's timeline. This means that further funds are wasted, time and resources are spent prosecuting the guilty parties if caught, insurance costs skyrocket, and budgets are spent replacing damaged and stolen goods.

With an offsite security solution, securing a construction site can mitigate the liabilities attached to operating a constitution site. In-person, security guards can be injured or cause injury to the criminal element, which is an additional liability to any construction site.

These liabilities increase insurance costs. But using an offsite security solution, a construction company can lower their overheads and insurance costs.

What is a Remote Security Solution?

Using remote security solutions for securing a construction site is one of the best solutions to protecting assets and investments. Smart cameras and the internet allow security professionals to use remote locations to provide around-the-clock surveillance.

Identifying Criminal Activity

Virtual security guards are able to constantly watch the construction site with the aid of advanced artificial intelligence computer software. The watch officers detect suspicious activity on the site and their supervisor can identify whether the issue is an indication of potential criminal activity.

Constant Surveillance

The virtual security guards are able to watch every corner of the site from every angle without missing something that could indicate an issue. Supervisors make sure that the virtual security guards are always alert while watching the property live. These supervisors have trained experience in the security industries. This means that there are systems in place that ensure that any issue that arises is taken seriously and dealt with efficiently via the local authorities.

Reduce Costs

Remote security workers are more efficient in dealing with issues on site because there is an immediate response from the authorities. Criminal issues are able to be dealt with before there is a major issue on site. This mitigates theft, vandalism, and liability. Not only does this save resources, but this also reduces the costs of insurance, replacing tools and equipment, and avoiding the payment of extra wages to complete delayed work.

Address Emergencies speedily

Remote security guards can address emergencies speedily. Construction sites are sometimes dangerous areas, and a virtual security guard can be a part of the first response system that will send the appropriate authorities to the property.

Securing a Construction Site with Swissguard

“We have many construction sites, and we’ve always had issues with the helmet, vest and all obligations towards safety. Now, our employees and construction sites have been monitored by Swissguard for a year. We have fewer damages, no theft (!), no penalties from authorities, and fewer injuries. We will just expand our cooperation with Swissguard.”

John Verstappen, Construction Manager

Swissguard clients that operate construction sites find that there are numerous benefits to using virtual security services. Their overheads are lower, their tools, equipment, and property are secured, and they avoid any issues related to onsite security guards.

Swissguard’s systems are able to integrate with an already established security system and even work in tandem with in-person security. Monitoring the site with constant, efficient surveillance is essential to securing a construction site.

Swissguard offers that service with Swiss excellence, effective pricing solutions for any construction site, and highly trained individuals who can keep the property secure 24/7.

[s1]This should be harmonized/translated to the UK market

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