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On-site physical guarding vs proactive security by Swissguard

Updated: May 12, 2022

We compare the usual human guarding (on-site guarding) with the new, proactive solution provided by Swissguard. Higher security level and lower costs at the same time? It is possible now.

Executive Summary

Management of warehouses, car lots, residential areas and other premises face more and more challenging security issues. Traditional alarm systems have a lower level of security since they are not able to prevent crime and other events; they only react to it.

Management usually choses on-site guarding as a preventive solution. This has a higher level of security while it is more expensive as well. But is it enough-- Is it proactive enough? Can you reduce security costs to affordable levels while keeping a higher level of security at the same time? Swissguard's preventive off-site guarding solution is a game-changer in the security world.

On-site physical guarding

USD 20 - 25,000 per month / USD 23 - 30 per hour for 1 position 24/7. This includes employment overhead costs, equipment, employee turnaround + recruiting, etc.

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No need for an alarm signal - manned patrols watch and guard the property.

One-time fees for various added security components - the property might be equipped with CCTV cameras and monitors, entry sensors, etc. Patrolling routes of the staff might have proximity card readers and/or other hardware + software for proofing and logging their activity.

Blind spots - guards have only partial view on the property (or you have to increase staff extensively). They might be tricked while on patrol, or look at the wrong display while at the station. They can use wrong positions for the watch.

Human factors, guard quality and behaviour - guards can be distracted many ways: phone calls, other people/colleagues, having a coffee break, or they simply work too much and become tired, have temporary fatigue.They can be tricked, duped by attackers.

Guards are sometimes even involved in the planned crime - in a higher % of cases than you would imagine.

Liability for the action of the guard - this is a questionable area. What can the guard do (if they have not simply run in the opposite direction of the event)? Can they fight? Are they able to, willing to, permitted to? Fistfight or gunfight? If something happened, who is liable - the guards themselves, their employer, their contractor?

Privacy issues - the guards obviously have to enter or at least get close to the protected area. This can be disturbing - if not simply impossible - in residential properties.

Proactive and preventive guarding by Swissguard

USD 490 - 4,900 per month / USD 0.7 - 7 per hour for an object or area protected by 1 to 10 active cameras.

No need for an alarm signal, no need for a security station/office - our partners install cameras that are connected to our Watch Centre.

Preventive system, predictable reaction - cam displays are being watched constantly in our central Watch Centre. Watch Officers are taking no risk while watching the signs of a criminal event or a dangerous industrial accident. They escalate the event to the Watch Supervisors who in turn alarm our local partners (even the armed forces, if needed). They take effective and professional action on the site. This is our 3-layer system: Operator → Supervisor → Local alarm receiving center.

24/7 - due to the implemented technology and methods, all camera streams are being constantly watched. No switching between them, no coffee break.

Full view on the building, equipment and event - our partner installers position the cameras in the most effective way. No blind spots!

Predictable action under stress - our colleagues watch camera pictures, they are not involved in the on-site events. There is no personal risk, therefore there is no unpredictable behavior - they handle the issues in a professional way.

Action - the event is escalated and actions are taken even if the alarm system is turned off or before it goes off. (Actually there is no need for a traditional alarm system). Actions are taken on the slightest suspicious activity displayed on our screens.

No human errors - colleagues cannot be tricked since they are not on the site. They have a strict schedule which allows coffee breaks and having a rest in their breaks, but on duty they have no distractions at all and they continuously watch the video feed. To avoid fatigue they are in a 45-min rotation. They are not allowed to watch more than 32 video streams at the same time. We developed a system that ensures the highest security level and the most human work environment at the same time.


Swissguard’s proactive, preventive security system is based on 24/7 off-site guarding with live camera streams viewed by trained professionals.

It is 5 (!!) times cheaper* than effectively guarding the same size of property with human on-site guarding. The solution does not react to an event that has already happened (i.e. alarm systems) and does not interfere with criminals or clients in an unprofessional way (i.e. untrained human guards).

Swissguard professionally prevents criminal activities or other security issues before they happen. They take action for the very first sight of any suspicious events.

*depends on the given implementation

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Swissguard provides custom solutions for any possible property or object.

Our experts help choose the best scenario for your unique requirements.

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