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How Does Live Monitoring Agents Benefit Businesses?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Security services that offer live monitoring agents are where state-of-the-art technology and human intervention meet in the middle and produce a comprehensive security solution. There are so many technological solutions in security that afford better protection and more efficient services at better prices than traditional manned guarding. These services can directly benefit businesses across industries.

Swissguard offers a comprehensive live remote monitoring service that increases the efficiency of the security systems onsite.

What is a Live Monitoring Agent?

A live monitoring agent is a highly skilled professional employed by a remote monitoring company for security purposes. These agents can monitor customers' premises live using state-of-the-art security systems and contact first responders efficiently already when detects any suspicious activity or when the crime takes place. The services come at a significantly lower cost than in-person security. Agents work from a watch center where managers pursue consistent supervision of the agents.

Several businesses will benefit from remote security, so let's find out more about how live monitoring agents can transform security for specific premises.

Office buildings

Office buildings are one of the many premises that require around-the-clock security to prevent theft and vandalism. The traditional form of security for an office building is onsite security guards, with camera surveillance and several other limited security measures that attempt to prevent crime.

The pain point of an office building is that onsite security is incredibly expensive, has many limitations, there are always blind spots and is often ineffective in preventing crime. Traditional crime prevention's unreliability can be mitigated by using a remote security solution that uses smart technology and live monitoring agents.

Office buildings that choose to go with remote security will find that there are several advantages to this proactive security system.

• Labeling a building as a “smart building” with all the technology that goes with it is an attractive selling feature for tenants.

• Offering reliable 24/7 security is a game-changer for many office buildings.

Branding and signage of a security presence is a deterrent for many criminals looking for easy targets.

• Remote security minimizes the landlord's liability when a crime is committed on the property.

Insurance costs of the building are minimized when there is a lack of crime and security guards are off-site rather than onsite. Security guards are a major liability for businesses. The business is held liable for any damage to a security guard and any damage inflicted by the security guard.

Decrease the costs for the HR needed to manage the building's security guards and security features.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities rely on positive reviews, word of mouth, and other social means of attracting clients. However, storage facilities are also the easiest targets for criminals and are often plagued by thefts, squatters, and arson.

Storage facilities need the best security available to ensure that the business remains thriving and booming. Unfortunately, security guards are expensive and have several limitations, including being largely ineffective in deterring crime from happening. But a security solution with round-the-clock live monitoring agents can change that significantly.

• The liability for the storage facility significantly decreases with a remote monitoring service. Damage to property and the security guards often becomes the business’s problem. If crime is prevented with a remote security solution, that liability is no longer an issue.

• Signage and camera presence are a major deterrent for criminals looking for easy targets to take advantage of. When criminals are deterred, insurance costs are significantly decreased.

• The related HR issues and liability are diminished if not completely resolved.

• If there is a crime, the action taken is swift and effective, which cannot be said for in-person security guards. A Swissguard client had a continuing issue with vandalism because the security guards could not catch the culprits. As soon as Swissguard implemented their comprehensive security solution with live monitoring agents, the vandals did not return.

• A storage facility that is able to advertise that a smart security system protects them inspires confidence and trust in its customers. Why wouldn’t businesses choose a more comprehensive security solution?

• A live remote security system is significantly cheaper than in-person guarding services.

School Premises

It's every parent's nightmare that their child isn’t safe while at school. Most schools are randomly surveyed by guards or simply not at all. Patrolling guards are limited to a 1% or 2% view of the total property. This is not an effective security system to keep children safe on the grounds. Possible trouble cannot be detected until it is too late for any action to take place to minimize the risks to students.

Excellent security is necessary for schools, but security guards come at a high price and often cause schools to go over budget. Live monitoring agents can mitigate these costs while providing security that can fully survey the property at a fraction of the cost. Action can be taken much more swiftly as live remote monitoring increases the chances of early crime detection already in its suspicious activity phase.

There are several benefits for schools that choose live monitoring agents and remote services.

Continuous real-time coverage of expansive areas around the school by professionals.

Real-time information and active assistance from onsite guards and patrols.

• The cost of remote security is reasonably priced compared to in-person security measures.

• There is a reduced liability for the school in the case of an incident.

• A much safer environment is created for school children to learn and grow.

• Remote security also reduces vandalism, drug-related activity, and instances of bullying.

Swissguard can help establish safety and ongoing security measures that protect school-aged children and the premises, ensuring a secure environment for the future generation to be schooled and learn.

What are the costs of Remote Security Solutions from Swissguard?

Remote security solutions are significantly cheaper than other in-person and onsite options. Prices may vary from industry to industry and business to business. However, these prices are typically 40% to 60% lower than traditional options.

Swissguard offers a wide array of security options that can be catered to individual needs for each property. The solutions are comprehensive, cost-effective, and prevent criminals from causing ongoing damage to properties.

Businesses across industries can benefit from live remote monitoring services from Swissguard. The benefits are comprehensive and do not allow crime to slip through the gaps, ensuring business owners' safety and peace of mind.

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