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Forced entry: prevention or reaction?

Updated: May 12, 2022

What is a forced entry? Imagine you start opening the gate or door, using your key, keycode or proximity card. Someone suddenly steps behind you and forces you to let them in.

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Swissguard’s preventive protection

Protect your family house, warehouse, workshop or storefront efficiently at low risk and low cost, without letting human guards in your premise.

Swissguard acts before the criminal activity takes place. How?

Our solution is a security camera feed that is being watched by trained Swissguard Watch Officers 24/7. Our Officers have very strict rules: no breaks or any distractions in “watching time”. One shift is reduced to 45 mins only (per Officer) to eliminate risk of fatigue. Your video stream is being constantly watched by professional staff in a rotation.

Once an Officer detects any suspicious activity in the video feed, they escalate the issue to their superiors who further analyze the event and immediately call law enforcement, if necessary.

You do not need to do anything, just cooperate and wait for the Police to arrive.

This is almost equal to a trained personal bodyguard who helps you enter your house, workshop, warehouse or storefront without letting in any intruders.

Your questionable chances with traditional protection

Automatic alarm systems

A traditional alarm system can do nothing to prevent such a situation. The intruder may force you to unarm the system and then they simply enter the facility (family house, workshop, warehouse, storefront etc).

Some alarm systems are equipped with a panic button or function. There is a high risk using this unless this is a silent panic that alarms security staff. Either way, you lost precious time.

Traditional cameras

Traditional cameras are recording only. You can review their recorded content (watch crime that happened against you) later on. This does not reduce the risk of unauthorized entry and risking your life.

Self defense

Criminals are well prepared for the situation in cold blood, while you are under the shock and distress of the sudden event. Never try and defend yourself in a fight (bare handed or with a weapon) unless you are a well trained professional. Whatever weapon you try and use, they easily get it from you and turn it against you.

The proper solution

Again, the most effective solution is a camera feed that is being watched 7/24 with the option of immediately calling law enforcement. This is done from a remote office: our staff does not interfere with the intruders, there is no risk of human error (i.e. being defended) on the site.

Swissguard preventive protection is now made available for only USD 490/month.

Includes 1 camera and its video stream being watched 24/7!

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