Everything You Need To Know About Villa Protection

Anyone who owns a villa needs to be investing in villa protection. Protection is important whether your villa is enjoyed for the occasional weekend getaway or as a year-round live-in property. To criminals, a villa indicates high-value assets, and wealth, and are more than lucrative options as an easy target. In-person security is not the best solution when it comes to villa protection for a number of reasons, including a lack of privacy and ineffective security. But there is an emerging security option for villa protection: remote guarding.

What is Remote Security?

Using the power of the internet, advanced military-grade artificial intelligence, and remote guarding individuals, remote guarding offers a unique security service. It is much more effective than in-person guards and offers privacy to the villa owner without compromising on security.

Villa protection with a remote service comprises both around and within the house. With traditional security services, most intrusions occur when someone is on the property because the alarm is not set. Who is protecting your family, property, and assets while you sleep? It should be the remote security services at Swissguard.

Why Use Remote Guarding?

Social media has enabled high-profile targets to be easily tracked, located, and robbed. For example, Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris while staying in a hotel, where millions of dollars of jewelry and assets were taken from the celebrity.

The assailants entered her hotel room despite her having a bodyguard and they tied her up while she was wearing only a bathrobe. The robbers appeared to have dressed in police uniforms and took off with the star’s $4 million diamond engagement ring and other high-profile jewelry pieces.

Although she was staying in a hotel away from home, she was still a victim of a crime that could have been prevented by remote security. Kim Kardashian’s example shows that even a bodyguard is often unable to prevent a crime. This robbery would have been even easier in an unguarded villa. An effective, round-the-clock security solution can save villa owners from experiencing a frightening robbery like this. Fortify your vacation property with villa protection from Swissguard.

Benefits of Using Remote Security

Peace of mind: escaping from your daily routine to a villa should be the perfect chance to relax without worrying about your safety while on the property.

Unfortunately, an alarm system, bodyguard, or other in-person security measure is not a foolproof way to enjoy your time lounging around the villa. You need a company that will offer you around-the-clock security that can be relied upon.

Unfortunately, anyone with enough money to own a family villa will be a target for kidnapping. Why? Because criminals are excellent at deducing the value of what is put before them. Such as someone arriving on the property in a nice car and unloading expensive luggage from the car for their vacation away.

24/7 surveillance: not all security systems will offer you around-the-clock security. Regarding villa protection, it is critical to have top-notch guarding that will monitor every aspect of the property at every time of the day.

Whether you stay in the house or away from the villa for extended periods, there is no time when the property isn’t monitored with Swissguard.

Thieves are opportunists, and a villa is a prime target for foul play, whether you are downstairs watching TV or traveling outside your home. CCTV footage is only able to record the crime taking place. This is fine when there is the opportunity to press charges, but it does not actively prevent the crime. Around-the-clock surveillance prevents crime from taking place.

Complete coverage: villa protection focuses on protecting both the perimeters and the main intrusion points. While onsite guards can have some effectiveness in deterring crime, they also intrude on your privacy while you are trying to unwind and enjoy your villa stay.

Swissguard's security solution offers the same, if not better, level of security to every client, even if the alarm is off while you are at home. You don’t need to be disturbed by manned guards while on holiday. Remote security is truly the perfect combination of security and privacy.

Fewer false alarms: a quick response time to any situation that may arise on the property is one of the many shining features of remote security. Despite what some people may think, remote security has a better chance of preventing crime than most other forms of security.

This makes your family, health, and assets safer and more secure. Although in-person security might act as a deterrent when there is an issue onsite, they are not always effective in dealing with it.

At the same time, a CCTV system will only record what is happening onsite without notifying anyone. Too many false alarms with other security systems detract from the effectiveness of the safety service on offer.

With remote security for villa protection, watch officers will watch over your property live with the help of advanced military-grade artificial intelligence. If any suspicious activity is detected, an alarm will be sent to the supervisor. The supervisor will assess the threat and act according to a pre-arranged protocol, sending help immediately if it’s needed. All without you having to be overly vigilant while enjoying your stay at the villa.

Negligible pricing: overall, remote security is far cheaper than any other security option. Thanks to a number of factors, the price of the service is negligible compared to the feeling of security offered to the client. The coverage that is given to the property is far superior to any other form of security but can work well in tandem with other security measures.

There is no reason to put yourself or your family at risk while on vacation. There is a legitimate and proven service that can offer peace of mind and effective coverage.

Villa protection is effective, comprehensive, and cost-efficient when using a remote security solution from Swissguard. There will always be times when your family is vulnerable to theft, kidnapping, and other criminal activities. Having the best safety precautions in place will mean that you can have peace of mind and prioritize your family’s safety and well-being.

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