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Commercial Security

Commercial security concerns properties like construction sites, storage facilities, car dealerships, and more. They are all vulnerable to theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other security threats. Modern surveillance technology and remote security are two of the most powerful tools for any commercial property. They can deter criminals and prevent damage to profits and productivity.

Let's take a closer look at the properties that need commercial security.

Construction Sites

After the COVID19 pandemic, construction sites are especially vulnerable to thieves, damage, and trespassers. They hold numerous high-value supplies, tools, and equipment.

These range from lumber through copper to metal, all driving the crime rate higher on construction sites. During the pandemic, construction sites became high-value targets for thieves and needed higher security measures while the security industry began to stumble and fall.

Additionally, construction sites being contested by the communities they are in are targets for vandalism and extensive damages.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are targets for vandalism and trespassers. There are numerous valuables on these properties that make for an attractive target to criminals.

It can be difficult to secure these commercial sites and make sure that every inch is surveilled and observed by the guards. With extensive properties like storage facilities, it can be difficult to ensure that every inch is being surveilled to prevent thefts, trespassers, and vandalism.

A guard watching the monitors could use the restroom when an incident happens or simply be on patrol on the other side of the facility when an issue arises. There is a major need for 24/7 surveillance that covers the entire property.

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are businesses that need great commercial security. They are also perfect targets for criminals. Inventory is high value and is easy to get to because it's outside.

Criminals could take the opportunity to steal the car or take the more portable car parts that can easily make a profit. Keeping the inventory safe is an important part of running a car dealership.

Gates and security guards can be a crime deterrent, but keeping the property safe at the highest levels is important to the business. There are numerous ways to secure a property, but none are as effective as implementing a remote surveillance system.

What are the benefits of Commercial Security Systems?

There are several major benefits to commercial security options. Traditional security is expensive and not always entirely efficient when working with a commercial security issue.

Prevent accidents and fraud

There are several reasons why a remote security system can be a worthwhile investment for any commercial business. There are many ways that these tech implementations can help prevent fraud and accidents.

Recordings can be used to prosecute criminal parties, but accidents can also be addressed immediately when there are eyes on the property from afar. The response to incidents can be executed quickly by the authorities thanks to speedy response times from the remote security agents on site.

Flexible Implementation

Every commercial property has different needs, is laid out differently, and can be located in higher or lower-risk areas. This calls for flexible implementations of commercial security.

Whether it's a full remote option or using both security guards and virtual security working in tandem, there is the possibility of having a fully covered property with the best security options available.

Financial Savings

Remote security is one of the best options to reduce security costs for any commercial property. Onsite security is outrageously expensive but does not offer a comprehensive service still.

Remote security is much less expensive, without the risk of rising inflation affecting the service prices drastically. This means that there is a viable and available security solution on the market that meets commercial security needs without putting aside a massive budget.

Efficient response times

Remote security like Swissguard works hard to foster excellent working relationships with the local authorities. Traditional security systems like onsite guards and CCTV monitoring without constant surveillance are well known for false alarms.

False alarms deteriorate the response of local law enforcement and put companies in jeopardy while the authorities figure out what is going on. With a remote solution for commercial security, there are excellent response times from police because there are fewer false alarms thanks to alert remote officers and clear systems in place.

Highly Trained Individuals

Remote security employs adept individuals who are motivated. They are highly trained professionals who receive constant training and supervision from managers with extensive training and experience in the security industry.

Hiring adept security guards and training them is timely and costly. It is also difficult to find the right skill set in laborers to make them good security guards. Hiring remote officers means a wider pool of viable and motivated people who can be trained to offer comprehensive security.

Real-Time Monitoring

There will always be instances where an onsite security guard is not at the top of their game. They could get distracted while chatting to a colleague and miss something important on the security feeds or simply need to use the restroom.

Human error is an unavoidable circumstance. But there are ways to mitigate these human errors with remote security. The highly trained individuals offer real-time monitoring with the help of military-grade artificial intelligence software that can identify the slightest hint of criminal movement on the site.


Although remote security is excellent at preventing crime, there is always the possibility of something going wrong on commercial properties. But police can partner with remote workers to get important information up front in an emergency.

They are also able to help track criminals and provide information to help with prosecution once the criminals are caught.

Commercial security is easy to implement, cost-effective, and highly efficient with a remote solution like Swissguard’s. There is a wealth of benefits to protecting a commercial property with a cutting-edge solution that makes for one of the best services on offer in the security industry.

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