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Cheap Security Solution

Searching for a cheap security solution that is fully effective can be a challenging prospect for many businesses, organizations, and private homes. The escalation of crime, terrorism, and rising market prices are important factors to consider when looking at expenses.

Traditional security solutions, like in-person guarding and cameras, are not offering a comprehensive solution that is cost-effective, efficient, and easy to secure. Remote security is one of the most satisfactory ways for a business to find the best solutions for creating and implementing effective security solutions.

To see that remote security is a cheap security solution that is effective and comprehensive, taking a closer look at the current security industry trends is imperative.

Why in-person security is highly priced

Security guards are one of the most costly expenses for any company or organization to spend their budget on. While this expense may bite into profits, it is an important service to spend capital on. Businesses must create safe spaces for their clients and employees, protect their assets, properties, and investments, and ensure that the business or organization can run at the highest levels.

But security concerns are always an issue. In-person security guards are not a cheap security solution. There are several reasons for this; the current market dip means that security prices are increasing, and in-person security costs are skyrocketing. Security is an important part of running a business, but the costs are rising.

Companies cannot afford or are not willing to pay the increasing prices, but the security industry also has a major labor shortage. The COVID pandemic steered the workforce away from the industry because work was not guaranteed, and the positions were considered underpaid.

The labor shortage means that security companies hire other security companies to fulfill their jobs. But this means that prices are spiraling higher and higher. Clients cannot pay for services, so they’re not making payments, or they will not be able to afford the services in the first place.

The in-person security industry is in a downward spiral and is unlikely to change soon. That is why innovative and cheaper security solutions like remote security are becoming more and more popular compared to in-person security. Before we take a closer look at the benefits of a remote security system, let’s take a closer look at the drawbacks of in-person security.

Why in-person security is ineffective in dealing with real issues

There are several drawbacks to in-person security that have very little to do with the extensive bill attached to the services at the end of each month.

1. In-person security services do not provide comprehensive coverage of any premises. There will always be times when a security guard is not aware of what is going on, or they will be on the other side of the property when a criminal is trying to take advantage of a vulnerability.

2. In-person security is a liability. Numerous things could go wrong when a security guard is on the premises and they are injured. This means that the company is liable for any damages and will have to pay out possibly large funds to the security guard.

Alternatively, the security guard injures a criminal on the property. The criminal can press charges for any damages they may have experienced from the response of a security guard. This also means that the security guard can do very little besides contacting the authorities when there is an issue on the property.

3. Insurance costs are sky high when businesses use in-person security. The fact that there is the possibility of liability with in-person security means that there are high insurance costs associated with in-person security. This is an additional cost that every business will have to pay when they are concerned about protecting their properties.

4. Security is an obvious concern for any business or organization. A security guard offers a slow response time, and there is little that a security guard can feasibly do when there is an issue on-site. This means that as concerned as clients are about security, a security service offers very little protection when there is an issue. A client is not buying peace of mind or effective security with in-person security.

Why offsite security is the cheap security solution to choose

There are many reasons for a client to choose offsite security. It is an effective and cheap security solution.

Guards work from a remote facility thanks to the power of the internet, smart surveillance cameras, and highly trained personnel. Swissguard offers Swiss quality at its best with their teams of highly trained personnel. They are offering a groundbreaking and cheap security solution to their customers who are unable to afford the rising prices of security costs.

Although some may be under the impression that an in-person security guard is the answer to their security concerns, an offsite team offers around-the-clock surveillance by professional security personnel. Clients can pay at least 40% less on their security fees while getting an around-the-clock service that provides comprehensive coverage and the fastest response times to alerts.

Partnered with the power of the internet and industry expertise, the Swissguard security team can provide real peace of mind to customers. The offsite facility is based in Hungary, where the cost of labor is lower. This means that Swissguard can provide security services for a fraction of the cost while retaining high-value employees at generous wages.

In contrast, other countries have high costs of living where security guards are considered low-paid labor. Swissguard offers a service with motivated, enthusiastic, and alert remote security guards to deliver the highest quality services in the business.

Every business has to have a high-quality security service. There are fewer and fewer options for a high-quality service that remains a cheap security solution. That is why remote security from Swissguard is the best solution that clients can get on the market. Learn more about how these services can revolutionize your security with a specialized system.

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