FAQS about Swissguard's products

Are there any additional fees?

The price you see is always the price you pay! Swissguard never charges onboarding or setup fees.

What is the minimum contract length?

Swissguard operates on a month-by-month basis, giving you the freedom to try us out for as little as a month if you wish. We are the industry's only video monitoring service provider operating without a lengthy minimum (12+ month) stipulated contract. We believe in our product, and believe you will too!

Which cameras does Swissguard work with?

Swissguard's plug-and-play solutions work seamlessly with 90% of cameras. If you have a question on a specific brand or model, please reach out to us.

Why Swissguard?

We get it, it can be confusing to navigate the remote-monitoring world. After all, it seems every monitoring company uses the same phrases to describe their solutions: 'Active monitoring,' 'Pro-active solutions' and 'Preventive solutions.' But are any of these statements accurate? If you currently use an 'active' monitoring company or are exploring solutions, we recommend you ask the following questions: 'Will my camera feed remain on-screen at all times?' 'How many cameras are there per watch officer?' The likely fact is the following: No one is viewing your feeds. These are PASSIVE, REACTIVE monitoring systems, rather than active. Camera feeds are motion-activated, sitting hidden away with thousands of other feeds until triggered. Swissguard is the only company that is actively monitoring feeds at all times.

  • Your stream is ALWAYS on screen
  • Maximum of 32 cameras per watch officer
  • 45 minute shifts to ensure maximum attentiveness
  • 3-layer alarm confirmation process to minimize false alarms.
This dual redundancy ensures stand-alone and truly unique industry-leading crime prevention.