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Security Pain Points

Robbery |  Perimeter Surveillance   |  Compliance 

As the cannabis industry continues to grow nationally, security regulations vary depending on the state. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory kept in dispensaries and grow houses, alongside sometimes limited bank access, cannabis facilities are prime targets for theft; a 2019 Senate hearing concluded 1 in 2 dispensaries were the target of robberies, at an average cost of $50,000.  For any budding cannabis business, compliance and security are a top priority. 

Security camera technology is excellent; however, smart cameras and alarms remain an incomplete solution. Security guards or staff on-site are expensive and frequently ineffective. Swissguard USA provides proactive security solutions and consulting services for the budding cannabis business owner.

THC Creative Solutions, a Swissguard USA partner, offers critical consulting services for all aspects of the cannabis business such as compliance, marketing, and cultivation.

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Who is watching your security cameras? 

Key Benefits

Active Watch Officers 24/7/365

Live Crime Verification

Fast Response Time

Perimeter Protection

Compliance Expertise

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