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In 2016, Swissguard established its international operations headquarters in Switzerland. Since opening, this state-of-the-art command and watch center has successfully grown into numerous subsidiaries and distributors throughout Europe and the USA. Swissguard has quickly become a leader in the Remote Guarding and Video Monitoring Industry.

The trademark Swissguard Watch Officers operate from Hungary in the EU, where the labor cost is significantly lower than in Western Europe or the USA. Depending on your location, our bespoke solution can cut approximately 40 to 60% cost of your annual security budget.

Swissguard is revolutionizing the classic onsite Guardian protection model. Thanks to our clients who entrust their properties to us, we are growing exponentially. We are proud of our Swiss roots and are passionate about delivering high-quality services.

Our expansion into the US is one of the Swissguard initiatives for 2020. We have put together a well-practiced and fine-tuned group of partnerships that will support this growth and optimize services for new clients. 

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